The power of D-Suite

Marketo D-Suite is a new and exclusively recurring initiative for Dutch Marketo masters. D stands for Dutch, Suite stands for exclusive Marketo community, and this is your unique opportunity to start engaging with your digital MarTech peers!

Attend one of our Suites and experience the power of a new style Marketo user group!


We invite you to this exclusive opportunity to gather among experienced Marketing Automation veterans as well as virgin starters to learn about digital and engagement marketing in Marketo. Last month, we kicked off the first 2018 session in Rotterdam.

Not your typical formal seminar, but rather an interactive gathering where you can share your ideas, best practices, and dreams in the Engagement Economy. Meet likeminded Marketo Engagemnt Marketers just like you and become a member of our D-Suite community.

Not your typical after-work

LeadFabric, officially supported by Marketo, will provide the platform, the food, the drinks, and the groovy gadgets. Every time, an exciting new location will provide the ideal atmosphere for an interactive come-together.


Eager to become a member of our Marketo Suites, but not from the Netherlands? No sweat, we also already have a Belgian B-Suite and are working on launching more suites in the next year. Email to if you're curious to find out more!


To be decided.


To be decided.